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Chapter 13 Plan Payments

Mail-In Payments

Many Chapter 13 cases are set up to have the required monthly payment deducted automatically by the employer from the debtor’s paycheck.

In some cases, the debtor may make his/her payment directly to the Trustee, and in these cases we offer the following payment options:

Send Certified Checks and Money Orders To:

Scott F. Waterman, Trustee

P.O. Box 680, Memphis, TN 38101-0680


We Accept Certified Check or Money Order

We do not accept personal checks or cash.


Debtors must put their name and bankruptcy case number on each certified check or money order so that we may read it and credit it to the correct account. 

Payments begin 30 days from date of case filing.

Online Payments

TFS Bill Pay

TFS Bill Pay is the online and automated payment solution for Chapter 13 plan payments. This is the payment method preferred by the Trustee.